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09 December 2023

White Peaks Solutions Introduces AV1 Codec Video Playback Over HLS!

White Peaks Solutions is excited to announce a groundbreaking development in video playback technology! We're proud to share an HLS link featuring AV1 codec video that seamlessly works across various browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari on devices with AV1 support.

Just a few months ago, we revealed our commitment to supporting both DASH and HLS with AV1. Today, we are thrilled to showcase the first-ever video playback with AV1 codec over HLS in the region! Be part of this technological milestone by checking out the video at the following link:

Unleashing the Power of AV1: Storage Savings and Beyond

AV1, the latest video compression standard, boasts remarkable compression capabilities, reducing file sizes by up to 50% compared to its predecessor, H.264. This translates to significant storage savings for streaming providers, leading to decreased costs and improved operational efficiency.

To illustrate the dramatic impact of AV1, consider the following scenario:

100 videos in 4K resolution:
       - H.264: Requires approximately 100 terabytes of storage space.
       - AV1: Requires only 50 terabytes of storage space, representing a 50% reduction.

Furthermore, AV1's superior compression translates to a reduced bandwidth requirement for delivering the same video quality. This translates to lower costs for content delivery networks (CDNs) and mobile operators, ultimately benefiting the end user.

Comparing 1000 Users Watching a 4K Video:

   - H.264: Requires approximately 10 gigabits per second (Gbps) of bandwidth.
   - AV1: Requires only 5 Gbps of bandwidth, representing a 50% reduction.

This translates to:

   - CDN Savings: By adopting AV1, CDNs can significantly reduce their bandwidth costs, leading to improved profitability and increased capacity to handle higher traffic volumes.
   - Carbon Footprint Reduction: Lower bandwidth consumption translates to a reduced carbon footprint, as less energy is required to deliver the same video content.
   - Mobile Data Usage: Viewers on mobile networks will experience reduced data usage when streaming AV1 content, leading to lower mobile bills and improved mobile network performance.

White Peaks Solutions: Leading the Way in AV1 Adoption

With the integration of AV1 support for HLS and MPEG-DASH, White Peaks Solutions is at the forefront of video streaming technology, empowering content providers to deliver the highest quality video experiences while minimizing costs and environmental impact.

Additional Benefits of AV1:

   - Improved visual quality: AV1 offers superior visual quality compared to H.264, even at lower bitrates, resulting in a more immersive viewing experience.
   - Enhanced scalability: AV1 is designed for scalability, making it suitable for a wide range of devices and network conditions.
   - Open-source and royalty-free: AV1 is an open-source and royalty-free codec, promoting wider adoption and avoiding vendor lock-in.


The integration of AV1 codec support for HLS and MPEG-DASH by White Peaks Solutions is a game-changer for the video streaming industry. This innovative technology offers significant advantages in terms of storage efficiency, bandwidth reduction, and environmental sustainability. As AV1 adoption continues to grow, it will undoubtedly become the dominant video codec of the future, revolutionizing the way we experience video content.

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