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08 June 2023

Revolutionizing Live Stream Ad Insertion: Automating Ad Markers with KWIKmotion and SCTE-35

In the ever-evolving landscape of dynamic ad insertion, the demand for seamless and efficient ad marker insertion in live streams continues to grow. Recognizing this need, our dedicated team at KWIKmotion has collaborated with our R&D experts to introduce automated ad markers insertion using our innovative platform.

With the latest release of the KWIKmotion Platform, we are thrilled to announce the ability to achieve dynamic ad insertion for live streams. This groundbreaking solution aligns with industry best practices and leverages SCTE-35 markers to indicate advertisement opportunities.

By combining these markers with third-party ad services responsible for inserting the actual ads, implementing this software based solution becomes a straightforward process for KWIKmotion Live setups without the need for any additional hardware.

Understanding SCTE-35:

A brief introductionSCTE-35, developed by ANSI and the Society of Cable and Telecommunications Engineers, is a standardized framework that provides guidelines for inline cue tone insertion in streams.

These cues, also known as markers, serve as signals indicating where content distributors can insert or splice additional content into a stream.

How Does SCTE-35 Work?

When an SCTE-35 marker appears in the program, it notifies broadcasters of potential insertion points within the feed. Typically, these spaces are pre-defined in 15-, 30-, or 45-second increments, although they can be customized based on specific requirements. Broadcasters then have the freedom to choose how to utilize these designated slots. Possible options include:

1. Advertising breaks
2. Replacing low-priority national ads with more relevant local ads
3. Inserting other programming content
4. Implementing blackouts
5. Enabling stream switching
6. Facilitating program segmentation

SCTE-35 and the World of OTT: Over-the-top (OTT) streaming platforms offer inherent advantages when it comes to ad insertion, particularly in conjunction with SCTE-35 markers. These advantages include:

1. Unicasting: Each device connects to the server independently, enabling the delivery of personalized ads. Devices can read the SCTE-35 marker and communicate with the server to retrieve relevant ads.

2. Independent Decodability: Sequences of fragments in OTT streams can be decoded individually without relying on previous or subsequent segments. This simplifies the process of splicing and enhances flexibility in how ads are inserted.

One significant benefit of Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) is that ads are inserted by third-party ad services rather than on the client-side. This setup makes it more challenging for end-users to bypass or circumvent the ads. Moreover, it reduces the requirements placed on the player running on the end-user device, as it is no longer responsible for requesting and inserting the ads.

Consequently, any player compatible with ordinary video streaming setups can seamlessly handle DAI implementation, making it easier to deliver ad-supported streaming services to a broader audience.

With the integration of automated ad markers insertion using SCTE-35, KWIKmotion is revolutionizing dynamic ad insertion for live streams. By simplifying the process and enhancing flexibility, our platform empowers content distributors to deliver a seamless ad experience and unlock new revenue streams. Stay tuned for more updates on our journey to transform the world of advertising in live streaming!

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